Help! I can't see the Virtual Tours!
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Basic requirements to view 360° virtual tour images

  • Pentium P.C.; Java - enabled
  • Netscape 3.0 or Internet Explorer 3.02
  • If you have Windows XP you may need to download Java

MAC Users

I'm using a Macintosh, but I can't get your Java viewer to work. What could be wrong?

The Java archives are very susceptible to corruption when you are uploading them to your web server. If you are using Fetch to upload your files, the Java archives (.zip and .cab) must be uploaded as Raw Data. If they are uploaded as Binary, they will become corrupted.
When I try to load the panoramic pictures using a Macintosh, I see only plain text.
Check under your browser java settings to see if you are using MRJ 2.1. MacOS has some issues with running java if you are using using Apple’s MRJ2.0. You can resolve this by upgrading to Apple MRJ 2.1.4 or enabling Microsoft Virtual Machine. You’ll find more on this subject at

AOL users using Internet Explorer

  • Select "Preferences" then "Web Graphics" and uncheck "Use compressed graphics

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